One of the many benefits of a ketogenic diet, is that it’s one of the few safe ways that you can effectively lose weight without exercising. When your body is in ketosis, every unit of energy you  use comes from fat meaning that even at rest, your body fat stores are being used up making you slimmer. This is good news for people who are too severely overweight to safely start an exercise program just yet, or for people who are disabled or recovering from an injury. 

However, if you do exercise you will be able to achieve even faster and better results on a ketogenic diet and with our products. 

If you are new to exercise, you can begin with just thirty minutes of easy cardio like walking around your neighborhood or swimming, three times a week, and add some resistance training to further improve your lean muscle mass. As you get lighter and fitter, you can increase how much you do or the intensity of your workouts.

If you are already quite fit and exercise regularly, you may want to consider a targeted ketogenic diet plan, which involves eating some extra carbs before you work out so you have enough carbs in your body to see you through your higher impact workouts.