Yes, technically it could be done. However, someone would have to try very hard to do so. You would need to basically buy a lot of the product and consume it in a very short period of time to reach a dangerous level.

Here’s a scenario that might help. If a packet of product contained 10g of ketones then for even a very small adult, let’s say a 100lb (45kg), a 10g per kg dose would be 45 packets. If we really oversimplify things and make some assumptions, let’s say 45 packets would similarly elevate a 45kg person’s blood to 3mM. If 20mM is the approximate dangerous level, and the dose response is pretty linear, then it would take about 300 packets at one time for a person to elevate their blood ketones to that level.

So, yes, while its possible, its not likely going to happen. Even if one attempted to consume a fatal dosage, it would probably not even hit those levels due to their body rejecting the consumption of that much salt (throwing up) and/or excreting through urine as well.

Nutritional ketosis occurs when blood ketones are 0.5 to 3.0 mM. This is completely different to urinary ketones, as they may be higher or lower.